FIBC Jumbo Bags are commonly used in transportation and storage process in most of the sectors like food industry, packaging, pharma industry & many more. With the growing Jumbo Bag market size worldwide, the need for quality masterbatches also keeps growing. We at Bajaj Superpack provide you wide range of Masterbatches for Bulk Bags that cover all your needs .

We offer quality-tested masterbatches that cover each of the following properties that are the most essential & contribute to the better performance of a Jumbo Bag during its lifetime.

Get High Tensile Strength: Use Bajaj Filler Product Range

Due to the heavy-duty nature of Bulk Bags, it is very important that the raw materials used for manufacturing should be of best quality & are added in proper ratio. During the extrusion process, the polymer granules and calcium carbonate powder are introduced in the extrusion plants which is the first stage of the manufacturing process that determines tensile strength.

We offer different range of Filler Masterbatches that improve strength, whiteness and stiffness of the products:

Improve Whiteness of Bags: Use Bajaj Plast Super Range

Add brightness to your products with our Bajaj Plast Super range.

Weather Resistance: Use Bajaj UV Product Range

During transportation and storage, many times the bulk bags are exposed to extreme weather conditions like sunlight & cold that can affect the quality of the bags as well as reduce the life of bag.

We offer UV Masterbatches underBajaj Plast product series that protect plastics from photo-degradation.
For more details, see our product leaflet here:

Industry Specific Requirements: Use Bajaj Speciality Masterbatches

Reduce/eliminate Humidity due to moisture in bags:
Our Plast Dessicant masterbatches eliminate humidity & enhance extrusion process:

For food grain storage bags:
Our Plast Anti Rodent range is a best-fit for this application:

For ease of transportation:
To prevent the slippage of bags over each other while stacking, use Bajaj Anti-Slip Masterbatches.

To improve gloss & surface finish:
To get the required gloss & surface finish for your product, use Bajaj Plast PPA Masterbatches:

Eliminate the electrostatic charge:
Use Bajaj Plast Anti-Static Masterbatches for Long-acting anti-static effect as the bags can accumulate electrostatic charge in some conditions.

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