It improves whiteness and gloss and increases processability.

It’s a universal grade. It improves printability and out. It is also useful for enhancing processability and saving the process & production cost.

Plastics products are sensitive to sunlight, it’s exposure to UV radiations causes degradation of plastic product. Our Plast UV masterbatch based on Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer (HALS) helps to extend durability of plastic products exposed to UV (Sun) radiation. This is the only product to sustainably decrease the reaction of degradation of plastic products which results in long life of the products. Plast UV are offered in food grade and non – food grade applications.

It’s a carbon based premium grade, useful for tarpaulin. It helps in ease of processability, high jetness, UV protection and high gloss.

It is used for giving different colours to the plastic.

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