It helps in good printability, excellent ageing, increase output and save the processing cost.

It improves strength, stiffness, modify physical & mechanical properties and reduces your processing and product cost. It is used only for PP based.

It acts as nucleating agent and it enhances printing & stiffness. It is mainly used for transparent application. It reduces your processing and product cost.

It enhances the property of the product, process and addition of filler.

Plastics products are sensitive to sunlight, it’s exposure to UV radiations causes degradation of plastic product. Our Plast UV masterbatch based on Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer (HALS) helps to extend durability of plastic products exposed to UV (Sun) radiation. This is the only product to sustainably decrease the reaction of degradation of plastic products which results in life of the products. Plast UV are offered in food grade and non – food grade applications.

It’s a carbon based premium grade, useful for tarpaulin. It helps in ease of processability, high jetness, UV protection and high gloss.

It is used for giving white colour to the product. It’s a premium opacifying grade for film to comply with food regulations. It also reduces addition level of UV additives.

It is to protect the plastic from bacteria and fungus.

It is used for giving different colours to the plastic.

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