It improves the process and reduce the cost of production and product.

It helps in good printability, excellent ageing, increase output and save the processing cost.

It is for the transparent application and improvement of the stiffness of the product.

It is used for giving white colour to the product. It’s a premium opacifying grade for film to comply with food regulations. It also reduces addition level of UV additives.

It is for improving properties of the material and density of the material. It enhances clarity of the product.

It is used for moisture content remover and it control the moisture. It also enhances loading percentage of masterbatch.

It improves the whiteness and lustier.

It is useful for odor removal of plastic while ageing.

It acts as anticorrosion agent in the ferrous packing.

It is used in the making where breathability is required.

It is used for antifogging prevention.

It is useful for enhancing the life of packed products. (Eg. Foods, flowers and edible products)

It is used to prevent process damaged.

It is mainly used for virgin polypropylene to improve the transparence.

It is used for giving different colours to the plastic.

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