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Ferrous and nonferrous metals and components made from them undergo corrosion in presence of oxygen and moisture. The metal components and parts undergo series of operations from forming to machining and final usage and as a result, are stored and shipped at various locations as per industry requirements. Thus it is essential to protect them from corrosion at various stages to maintain their integrity and performance.

Corrosion is an electrochemical process that occurs in presence of electrolytes such as water and oxygen from the surroundings. Vapour corrosion inhibitors and volatile components which when added to a packaging medium such as films, evaporate at a constant rate and act by depositing on a bare metal surface by replacing the water molecules as well as reacting with them to neutralize the acidic components responsible for corrosion. They also maintain an alkaline pH in the vicinity of the metal and thus prevent corrosion which occurs at acidic pH.

VCI masterbatch can be added to polyolefins such as LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, and PP via cast, blown, or extrusion lamination process. It can also be incorporated into foams and bubble protective packaging. Our VCI masterbatch is free of nitrites and secondary amines which are environment-friendly and RoHS compliant.

The use of VCI masterbatch and films enables a very clean, non greasy surface to work on unlike the oil and grease treatments as the actives leave the metal surface without any residue when the VCI package is opened.

Advantages of Plast Lubricant is mentioned as below

  • It acts as anticorrosion agent in the ferrous packing.


Injection Moulding

Blow Moulding

Pale Container

Mulch Film

PE Film


Carry Bag

FIBC/Jumbo Bag

Woven Sack


Roto Moulding

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