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Desiccant Masterbatch when added to polymers during melt processing chemically react and bind with moisture irreversibly and becoming part of the product and are stable up to processing temperatures of the polymers.

This moisture removal helps to reduce surface defects caused due to the presence of moisture such as lensing and fisheyes in films, bubble breakage, voids, pinholes, silver streaks in moulded articles. The presence of moisture not only affects surface appearance but also mechanical properties of final products such as tensile strength, elongation, impact strength and compressive strength due to porosity induced by moisture in final articles.

Moisture in polymer processes can be introduced from multiple sources such as fillers, pigments and additives, recycled polymer streams of PE, PP which are washed and sorted, wet polymers or some materials stored in high humid areas. Adding Desiccant Masterbatch can save energy cost and time by eliminating or reducing the preheating step and time.

  • Desiccant masterbatch is a highly concentrated desiccant
  • Desiccant masterbatch designed for use with recycling materials
  • Eliminate humidity & enhance extrusion & injection processes
  • Reduction-Elimination Elimination of moisture in recycled & reclaimed polymers.
  • Reduction-Prevention Prevention of moisture-related problems including Lacing in films, Porosity, Windows/lenses in films, Die build-up, Surface defects in moulding
  • Reduces Surface Reduces surface defects such as Lensing and fisheyes in films, Bubble breakage, Voids, Pinholes, Silver streaks in moulded articles


Injection Moulding

Blow Moulding

Pale Container

Mulch Film

PE Film


Carry Bag

FIBC/Jumbo Bag

Woven Sack


Roto Moulding

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