Bajaj Superpack Masterbatches are manufactured on the State of the Art process systems, operated under strict quality control procedures. A number of key steps are performed by skilled operators utilizing high speed computerized process equipments. The precision controls of these manufacturing processes are key to the end users receiving a quality masterbatches that consistently meet the customer’s expectations for function and performance.

Advantage Bajaj :-
Bajaj Plast masterbatch can be used easily in the thermoplastic processing industry. It can be added to almost all polyolefins for

improving some of the polymer properties and offering economic advantages. It is also easy to disperse in most polymer industry.

The most interesting economic advantage to be gained by the addition of Plast Masterbatch to polyolefins results in from the improved thermal conductivity. The higher the thermal conductivity, the less time is required to heat up or cool down the plastic mixture. The thermal conductivity increases in a linear fashion with the filler Masterbatch content. Bajaj Plast is an eco-friendly product.

• Higher efficiency
• Higher productivity ( increases output)
• Reduces total (end ) cost
• Better dispersion
• Reduces maintenance cost
• Higher filler loading %
• Runs on maximum output (Maximum production)
• Improves strength & surface properties